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Hudson Valley Air Quality Coalition (HVAQ)

Started in 2021, HVAQ is a group of professionals, scientists, and concerned Hudson Valley community members focused on ensuring equal access for all people to the fundamental right to breathe clean air. As a coalition, its members recognize the inarguable connections between clean outdoor air and clean indoor air within homes, schools, places of worship, community centers, and workplaces. Using common science, common sense, and the power of common people working together to make change, HVAQ is focused on both immediate and long-term assessment, remediation, and maintenance of pollution-free air in Hudson Valley communities, from the ground up. 

Although the Hudson Valley is known by some for its pristine upstate recreation and air quality, poor indoor and outdoor air quality pose a health risk to local residents on a regular basis, especially those in Environmental Justice Zones or in local subsidized or emergency housing. Under the newly voted in NYS Constitutional Amendment Proposal 2 on Environmental Rights, a “Right to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthful Environment”  is a human right. It is important to shed light on localized air quality issues and the stories of community members who battle with poor air quality, as well as educate others who may be in a position to change these circumstances.



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